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Board of Trustees



Rev. John Brian Bartley of St Thomas Millbrook and the Parish of Cavan Manvers. Born in Toronto on 15th April 1947, is the spouse of Kathleen Paynter daughter of late Rev. Arnold Paynter, the founder of the ‘Paynter Home’ in 1924.

Rev. Bartley has many capabilities, that fall in line to work with children. He has played leading roles as a Cub Scout from his Youth, leading to Militia appointments and taking up appointments as Commander of an all arms mechanized combat team at the age of 40. Holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) University of Toronto. Has been the Financial Planning Consultant at ‘North American Life’ and written series of articles on Financial Planning matters, which appeared in Business Publications such as ‘Toronto Business’, ‘The Engineering Digest’, ‘Canadian Distributor and Retailer’, ‘Pensions and Benefits, Canada’ etc..

Responsibility as Trustee


Mrs. Angeline T.S. Jacobs

Began her career as a Montessori and Pre-School Teacher. She has worked at the Paynter Home’s pre-school during 1971 to 1973. Refer the section‘Managing Director’.


The Rt. Revd. Dhiloraj Canagasabey the Bishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Provide Pastoral Care to the Institution. Secures the Institution from all aspects and unforeseen situations. A great strength and counsel to the managing Director and the Board of Trustees.


  • Mrs. Kathleen Paynter Bartley.
  • Daughter of late Rev. Arnold Paynter Founder of the Paynter Home.
  • Qualifications : Primary Educational Specialist - University of Toronto.
  • Bachelor of Arts, fine Art and Anthropology – University of Toronto.
  • New School of Art, Toronto.
  • Ontario Teacher’s Certificate – Primary, Junior and Intermediate – Toronto Teacher’s college.
  • Responsibility : Presentation of Home’s Annual Report. Fund raising for the Institution.


Mrs. Mandrupa Fernando. House wife. Past President of DWFWA. Represents the Institution and the Board of Trustees when and where necessary in addition to the Managing Director, due to the inability of the rest of the board members. Be it financial matters or legal matters. Contribution by way of sharing her knowledge and experience, visits the Paynter Home and spend some weeks at the Home and the children. A great strength to the managing Director.