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The Dept., of Probation &  Child Care(Central Province)  arranged a Dental Camp, sponsored by FRIDSRO Child Development Organization Kandy, on 3rd May at our ‘Melrose’ building.  It was for our children, and 5 children from ‘Theresa Home’. The same was held at SOS village on 4th May.   Equipments and Dental chairs were from FRIDSRO.  We set up our Tables/chairs and FRIDSRO staff came around 9 a.m. to set Up the equipments/instruments etc..  Dentil Surgeon, Superintendent  and doctors were from the Dental faculty, Peradeniya.   Our new office was used by the General Doctors(4 of them)  to talk to the children and fill up a questionnaires for their purpose.  The teeth of all the children were cleaned up. Those whose teeth needed to be filled were attended.  Even extraction was carried out.  Some staff and parent of the children whoever wanted their teeth attended, were provided the service. It was a worthwhile camp.  Finally, they had a demonstration to the children on how to brush their  teeth.  Our children expressed their gratitude and thanks,by singing to them