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Dhedunu and Denuwan are siblings.  Dhenuwan(girl) is the eldest. 

Their mother, also an orphan, born in 30.08.1990 has married at the age of 14 years.Right now, she is a single parent with a daughter Dhenuwan (DOB04.08.2005), andSon Denuwan (DOB 09.08.2007).   Naturally, mother is half educated and cannotFind a good job to support the two children.  She leaves the children with the ownersOf the house she had rented and goes to work in a saloon where she worked as acleaning main.

At the recommendation of the Bishop of Colombo, we have admitted Dhedunu andDenuwan.  Now, they both attending the ‘Paynter Memorial School’, as they are in theSinhala medium.