Susila is our new child received on 28th August 2012.  She arrived on a Court order.She is supposed to be from Dayagama Estate.  We have no furtherInformation of the child, except from the information of the child.

Susila says that her mother has gone abroad and her father gone toColombo.  Somehow, she has ended up as a domestic in a house inNawalapitya, having to take care of be with a small child in that house.Probably on a tip-off, she was apprehended by the Police, whilst sheWas going to the boutique to by something for her employer.  She hadBeen in the ‘Tikiri Nivasa’, in Kandy since June 2012, until the Court deliveredThe order today.

She says that she is 10 years old.  She is supposed to be having twoOlder brothers and one younger brother.  We have no birth certificate or any otherDocuments of her.  We have informed the department of Probation, NuwaraEliya branch to ensure the receipt of her legal documents.

Susila is 25 Kgs  126 cm (4’2”) tall.