The children who enter the Paynter Home have various damaged pasts.  But, once they join, they are transformed into something different due to their willing participation in all activities in the Paynter Home.  They fall in line to discipline, cleanliness, neatness, adopt themselves to the situation, learning habits, eating habits, etc., etc... 

The uniqueness of it is, that they produce marvelous talents from within themselves.  They are able to draw, colour, sing, dance, create, you name it. Even in games & sports activities.  Because, the Paynter Home nurtures them in the right direction by providing the necessary facility. 

Spiritual activities      :          

The children participate in Sunday School, church Choir, take up responsibilities as ‘Sides persons’ in church etc...  One Sunday of the month or once in two months, the children of the Paynter Home lead the preparation section of the Sunday service under the guidance of the Priest. On such occasions, all the children sing a few choruses as a group. On other Sundays, if they are called to take up the 1st, 2nd reading, Psalms or the Gospel, they readily accept without any hesitation.  At combined services (all 3 languages) our children are able to do the readings in English, Sinhala or Tamil.   There is Chapel time in the morning and evening in the small chapel at the Paynter Home.  Under the guidance of the Matron/Master, the children sing hymns, read the Bible and pray.

Public performances :

During the month of December, the Grand Hotel (the only 4* hotel in Nuwara Eliya), invite our children to sing an half hour of carols.  This year (2012) they will sing on 9th Dec 2012.

During the visits of certain long standing donors, the children perform drams, group or individual singing etc.,  Thereby they get an opportunity to show off  their talents as well as get accustomed to perform in front of audience and also be able to face any challenges.   

School activities 

Children are very active in school performances, be it sports or talent contests etc.,,  Most of them have obtained certificates, challenge cups or Medals.