Niroshini Abeyratne and her husband Susantha Opatha, were ceremonially marriedOn 30th June 2014, and their Home coming was on 2nd July 2014.  They were legallyMarried on 30th May 2014.

The ceremonial marriage on 30th June, was done so perfectlyAccording to ‘Kandiyan Sinhalese” customs.   Auspicious timings is one of the mostvital part in these customs.All the children were invited for the Home coming ceremony, whilst the staff for the wedding. Both of them made all the arrangements for these three functions and at their own cost.

The Paynter Home was her parents & family.  Niroshini who took up the 3 year training at theGrand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya through the Paynter Home, is now a Semi trained Chef while herHusband is a Demi-chef. 

We are very proud of Niroshini as she is a good example to all the children of the Paynter Home.