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Staff of Paynter Home


Left to Right: Mr Benedict – Maintenance Office, Miss Dilshani Gnanamuhtu – Accounts Clerk, Mrs Thilakarani – Kitchen Department, Mrs Jsephine Anton – Matron, Mrs Christina Lal- Matron and Mr Diran Anton
The Child Care Officer Absent: Mrs.Dilani francis (Preschool teacher)


Mr Diran Anton – Child Care Officer: A dedicated young man with a compassion towards the children. Has a good raport with everyone. An asset to the Institution.

Ms Dilshani Gnanamuthu: An energetic young lady who handles some of the accounts matters.

Mrs Josephin Anton: She is in-charge of the Boys Dorm. Very active in her job and handles the situation very wisely.

Mrs Christina Lal: She is in-charge of the Girls Dorm. A motherly type Lady, handles the situation very wisely.


Mrs Thilakarani: She is in-charge of the Kitchen Department.

Mr. Benedict: Mr Benedict is the Maintenance Officer. After a long service, he retire but continues to work on a Contractual Basis. He is a very experienced person and handles all the maintenance work, an all-rounder.

Mrs Dilani Francis: A recent recruit. She is a Diploma Holder (Montessori) In-charge of the Paynter Pre School.

Mr Indika Wijesinghe: Mr Wijesinghe a Freelance qualified Accountant manages our Accounts. An experienced person who delivers the Financial information to the Board of Trustees keeping in line with the Accounting standards at the stipulated time.

Our Auditors – KB & G Chartered Accountants

KB & G are our Auditors. A well reputed Auditing Firm based in Kandy, Sri Lanka. It has an experienced staff and its Chairman Mr Sanjeev Basnayake personally handles the monthly accounts as well as the Auditing.

Our Bankers

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, Nuwara Eliya Branch, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Account No. 1344745601

Hational Nation Bank PLC, Nuwara Eliya Branch, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

Account No. 028010003725