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Staff of Paynter Home



Mrs. Ranjini is the Senior Matron of the Girls section. She has served the Institution for well over 10 years. She was working for the ‘FRIDSRO’ Children’s Home, prior to joining the Paynter Home. She is completing her professional training shortly, as staff of Children’s Home. Her husband passed away at early stages of her married life. She is a mother as well as a Grandmother now. 

Mrs. Naslin is Assistant to the Senior Matron Ranjini in the Girls section. Naslin has worked in this institution in the early 80’s and 90’s and re-entered in early 2012. She has experience of the earlier regime of the Paynter Home.

Miss Malar joined the service of the Paynter Home in mid 2012. She is in charge of boys between the ages of 5 and 12 years. She is Advanced level qualified and fluent in reading and writing all three languages (Tamil, Sinhala and English) in Sri Lanka. She is receiving professional training conducted by the Probation and Child Care Department of the Central Province.

Mr. Shanaka is our very recently recruited staff. He is in charge of the boys from the age of 12 to 19 or until they leave the institution for career training. Fluent in reading and writing in English, Sinhala and conversant in Tamil. He is quite young in comparison to all our staff. He is Advanced Level qualified and has undergone 5 years of discipline and Seminary formation. Most of the qualifying subjects of Shanaka in O/Level, A/Level and Seminary formation suits our requirements. Shanaka is receiving professional training of the Probation Departments training programme


Mary is our Cook She joint the service in 2003. Married and has two daughters. She lives very close to the Paynter Home. She works from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening. Her responsibility is to prepare all three meals for the Institution. A very pleasant worker and never grumbles.

Mr. Benedictis our Handy-man. Joined service in September 2004. He drives our Truck, in charge of all maintenance work of the institution. Qualified Carpenter. Has received training at ‘Dhigala Boys’ Town’, Ragama, Sri Lanka. He work at the CINDA organization prior to joining the Paynter Home. Our buildings need constant repairs and maintenance as the institution is 88 years old. So, it is Mr. Benedict the all important.

Mr. Davidis an all rounder – Has knowledge and experience in Building construction, agriculture, Dairy, poultry etc.. etc. He works within the Paynter Home Paynter Farm and the ICM in these fields. Mr. David and Mr. Benedict work in co-ordination in all these areas. He has worked with us for many years on a Non-staff and Non-permanent basis. Well conversant in these areas and can substitute Mr. Benedict during his absence.

Ms Rizmiya joined the institution in 2005 as an Ordinary Level qualified girl having received an years training in career development at ‘Beacon Hill Academy’. She began her career as a Trainee in the Accounts section of the Institution. The Institution Fully sponsored her training in Counseling and Pre-school teaching with a view to utilize the services of this young person to work with children when the need arises.

Since October 2011, she is charge of all the children’s affairs. Dealing with the Department of the Probation and Child Car in periodical data. Maintaining reports and records of the children’s personal files. Assisting the children in their day-to-day school work in the evenings, with the assistance of a helper, handling some of the children’s medical and periodical clinical affairs. Rizmiya will play a leading role in any functions of the Institution. Rizmiya reports directly to the Director.

Ms Shayamala, is our Accounts Executive since September 2011. She is an experienced Auditor, and Teacher in Commercial subjects. (Accounts, Commerce, Business Studies in the English medium) works with lot of commitment. She has been in association with our Institution since 2003, as an Auditor at ‘KPMG Ford Rhodes & Thornton’ who are the Auditors of the Paynter Home. She left the Audit Firm after completing her required period for Chartered Accounting and joined the Education stream.

Shyamala is responsible to handle day to day banking and posting the Income & Expenditure and related accounting books. Prepare Monthly Accounts, Annual Accounts, prepare for the Annual Audit, under the guidance of the Managing Director. Issues of Groceries to the Kitchen and maintain stock records. Prepare the Purchase Order based on Stock record, for periodical purchases (usually within 45 days). Shyamala will play a leading role in any functions of the Institution. She reports directly to the Managing Director.



Mrs. Selvi teaches our children whose first language is Tamil. Her classes begins at 3 p.m and goes on till around 5.30 p.m. She teaches the children to read, write, sing, draw, act and all sorts. She is a very faithful Christian.

Ms Riska is the younger sister of Ms Rizmiya. She assists Rizmiya in teaching the children whose first language is Sinhala. They are help to complete their daily home work. All children are slow learners and far behind the children in the school. Therefore, they need attention and assistance.

Ms Amardeni teaches ‘Barath Nattiyam’ to our children (girls and boys). 12 children are following the dance classes on Saturday and Sunday.